01. The Problem
While in collaboration with Jessica Jutzi, we took on the challenge of creating a mini booklet based off the themes nostalgia and memory. Our parameters included picking two stories from this years' Ninth Letter and using an extensive folio.
02. The Idea
Inspired by the content of one of our chosen stories, we decided to focus more specifically on loss of memory. To achieve this theme, we set out to challenge the readers' preconceived notions of how a book is laid out and how imagery is created.
03. The Solution
We designed the folio content on each page to be literally scattered, so the reader has to recognize the letters that make up a certain word in order to understand the information. All photos (half taken by me, half scanned in old photography) were printed, physically torn, scanned back in, and then drawn over to elicit a personal, handmade feeling. The book was printed on light grey paper to feel more archival. It was then ran through a risograph printer to print gold accents and to add another layer of "handmade". 
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