01. The Problem
For the past year, I served as Director of Branding for Hackillinois, the nation’s premier open source hackathon, which hosts over 1000 students on University of Illinois’ campus. I assembled and led a team of 6 graphic designers to help execute an extensive website, two mobile applications, $20,000 dollars’ worth of swag bag materials, large banners, posters, a booklet, and much more. I was personally tasked with building the android application from the ground up and working extensively on the iOS app as well.
02. The Idea
Brand the event under the theme of Deep Sea Exploration. Create a strong visual connection between each medium we work on so that the hackers feel completely immersed in our theme.
03. The Solution
An event with unified, strong designs that have a consistent color palette and visual language. A completely functional android and iOS application that includes a countdown dial on the homescreen, a fully customized and  embedded google maps, a detailed schedule, and push notifications to the users' phone. Dark Mode was added for iOS, just for fun. 
In collaboration with Charlotte Peloquin, Jessica Jutzi, Esther Tang, Matt Musial, Joanna Byrne, 
and Alyssa Lenenfeld.
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