01. The Problem
Friends of Big Marsh is a non-profit that has partnered with Chicago Park District to create Big Marsh Park. The 300 acre park, which was previously unusable land due to slag build up from the Steal Industry, has become home to one of the largest bike parks in the Chicago area. It is a place for hiking, biking, bird watching, and is seen as a catalyst for economic development in the surrounding communities. The current site was outdated, uninformative, and lacking any personality.
02. The Idea
Use the Fuzzy Math UIUX process and user-centered design to uncover what the stakeholders and park users want and need to see on the site through research, user surveys, and user interviews. We worked with the Friends of Big Marsh board to establish a visual personality, or "brand", for the website and the park at large.
03. The Solution
Let the extensive research process (including a competitive analysis, site review, user research, user interviews, research and moodboards) lead the designs of  wireframes, the visual foundation, and full scale visual comps that meet accessibility standards. We also created strategy guides for a Friends of Big Marsh membership model and the blog page. 
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